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Regardless of what type of aircraft you fly, there is a FlightTech Intercom that will enhance your communications experience

Quality Cockpit Communications Since 1993

Good cockpit communications are an essential part of the flying experience.  FlightTech intercoms offers a full line of portable and panel mount models built with state of the art technology,  eliminating old fashion squelch controls while providing background noise free pilot and passenger communications.

The exclusive Enhanced Noise Reduction Technology eliminates squelch circuits and controls through a unique audio processing design that allows for continues conversation, while maintaining up to 110db of background noise suppression.  It's now possible for pilots and passengers to enjoy quiet, continues communications without the missed syllables, popping audio and intermittent hissing from wind noise, that are common annoyances with voice operated intercoms.

FlightTech Intercoms offers a full line of aviation intercoms, that include two and four place portable units, and two, four and six  place panel mounted models, all featuring the Enhanced Noise Reduction technology.  For quiet communications, make a FlightTech Intercom your first choice.


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