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Great Gorge over the Ruth Glacier in the Alaska Range

I recently purchased a 404SP from Aircraft Spruce and I couldn't be happier with it.  Your ENRI technology is the best I have ever used in an intercom and it has transformed my Glastar the quietest airplane that I have ever flown.  I used the built in intercom in my Garmin SL40 for 3 years and it is  functional but I wanted to integrate stereo music, cell phone, and audible warnings from my EFIS/EMS. I got everything I was looking for in the 404SP and the ENRI technology works as advertised and better than expected. This unit works well with the Quiet Technolgies Halo, Bose X, and David Clark H10-13S headsets once the adjustments were made.  I can switch back and forth without requiring any adjustments to the intercom.  My wife is thrilled with the difference the addition of this intercom has made.  Any addition that makes her more comfortable will ultimately result in me/us flying more.

 Colin Noseworthy

Chugiak, AK

June, 2012

I've installed the ITC-402P intercom in my open cockpit Great Lakes and am astounded with the intelligibility of my conversations with the other cockpit.  The ENRI works even at takeoff power.  Quite a little gadget and I'm very happy with the results.

Mike Danielle

The ITC-401-23 ENRI portable intercom I purchased is working great in the Starduster. It
speaks highly of your product, for it to compete with the bellowing of a 3" stack in an open cockpit.
With a headset (not ANR) that has a 22-23db rating cockpit to cockpit communication works great.
Thanks again for all your help.
PB Schafer

Bill Weaver and his Shinn/Varga

Well great news. I have installed the ITC-402P in my Shinn/Varga. The results are outstanding!

My problem with a conventional squelch-type intercom was as follows:

1) when the squelch was broken all the background noise came in. Noise canceling mic's do not seem to work well.

2) I tried several intercoms and many of them have the weakness that when the squelch is broke both microphones were active - Bad! Especially if the rear passenger had the air vent open on a hot summers day.

3) with a none pilot passenger they always had a problem communicating because they did not understand they have to kind of shout into the mike.

4) the squelch always needed adjustment depending upon power settings.

5) audio clipping at all squelch settings

6) the constant need to reduce power drastically to be able to communicate.

With your ITC-402P all of the above problems are solved and NO NEED to shout
into the Mic! Normal speech level works fine.

I recently had an elderly passenger who was hard of hearing - he cannot hear his watch alarm. He had never been in a small airplane or had ever worn a head set and mike. He could hear perfectly and more importantly I could hear him!
To conclude: A Great Product! Please feel free to use my endorsement. My Airplane does have a very high background noise level. Picture attached.

Bill Weaver


Something Different

May, 2008

I couldn't be more satisfied with the performance of my ITC-2004 ENRI Portable intercom system.  It's another Unique application of your systems this time on a high speed road tractor.  It is being used in an extremely noisy environment.  My Mercedes Benz 1977 Unimog Doka creates an incredible amount of noise at highway speeds.  It was all but impossible to hear the passengers unless we were yelling.  The large diesel engine sits high in the cab with you on this model (416) and the tire noise is amplified as it resonates in the cabin. Instead of the extensive sound proofing that can have limited results I tried a Flight Tech intercom and a few simple adjustments knocked out all of the background noise.  Amazing. This system will make the truck a pleasure to take on longer trips.  

Sean Mehrlander


I want to let you know how happy I am with my Flighttech ITC-404SP intercom. My application is not the "Normal" installation. My intercom is in a Speeder, also known as a Railroad Motorcar. I had some questions about my application and I got very fast and good information. It is a vast improvement on the original installation of another brand I first had. I would not hesitate to recommend your product to anyone needing an intercom, whether it is going to be installed in an aircraft, a railcar, or any other type of vehicle. 
Thank you.  Rod

My application is not exactly an airplane, it's installed in a railroad motor car, also known as a Speeder.  The car is an aluminum box on steel wheels, that is very noisy at track speed, due to the noise from the engine and from the steel wheels banging on the rail joints.

I tried two other intercom brands, one had a manual audio squelch and the second had an automatic audio squelch.  At track speed, normal conversation was impossible with these intercoms.  I recently purchased the ITC-401TC intercom system.  The intercom works very well, virtually eliminating the background noise from both passenger and radio communications.  I would recommend the ITC-401TC to anyone considering installation of an intercom system into a railroad motor car.

John Reynolds

See information on the ITC-401-Speeder Intercom

June 30, 2003:
Just wanted to drop you a line to say how pleased I am with the
ITC-402P-ENRI.  I flew out to the Rocky Mountain regional fly-in this past
weekend with my son.  The intercom worked great and our ears didn't hurt
even after 4 1/2 hour of flying.  It is so nice to be able to understand
what is being said in a tandem airplane.  I love your system and have
recommended to several others already.

You guys have a very good product,
Alan Kritzman
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  • This new intercom is great! Sound quality is fine and better than anything I have
    flown with yet. I sure don't know why anyone would buy an old VOX unit anymore.
    Thanks for a nice product.

    Scott Gordon
    Tucson, AZ

  •   Just finished replacing the VOX intercom in my RV-6 with a new ITC-402P and am very pleased with the way it works.  Very quite and great sounding.

Noel Dunlap, RV-6  N3585

  • I recently completed the installation of my new FlightTech intercom in my
    78 Cessna Cardinal RG. It does everything you say it will. The sound and
    clarity is great. It is really nice not to have any VOX mike clipping.
    Thanks for answering my many questions during the installation.
    Ron Delcamp
    Chesapeake, Va.

  • We have been using the ITC for about 7 months. The ITC 401 works well in our 1946 Piper J3 Cub even with the door and window open.

        Royce Nelligan

  • Gentlemen:
        I recently purchased an ITC-2001 ENRI 2-place intercom, and couldn't be happier. My previous
    intercom was made by Soft-Com. It was voice activated, and even with the squelch turned all
    the way up the mike opened up during full-throttle operations. It was almost useless. This is
    obviously not the case with the 2001. I was a little concerned about having to make a couple
    of internal adjustments, but with the instruction sheet provided, nothing could have been

        Many thanks for a great product.

        C.E. Nichols

  • I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with the Flight Tech intercom. Everyone that has been in the plane with me have also
    been impressed with it.

    Porterfield 75C

  • Thanks again for the help on 10/03 after I installed the insulators properly things went just as they should. The owner is pleased as punch and now his friend and fellow Ercoupe owner wants one too ( keeping up with the Jones'). I just finished ordering another 402.

    Yours truly,

Jim Watt<>< ap, ia, cfi



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