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Order from one of the many FlightTech Dealers or Online, using PayPal, Master Card, Visa, Discover and Bank Card.

For orders outside the U.S., please send an email with the items to be ordered and preferred shipping method.  A PayPal Invoice will be emailed to you with the total included shipping charges.  Email us at info@flighttech.com.

Portable Intercoms

ITC-401-ENRI  Mini Two Place Portable Intercom

  • Price at $179.95
  • Available with Standard Microphone and Headphone Plugs

ITC-401-23 ENRI Two Place Portable Intercom for the ICOM A-23 and A-5

ITC-401-I-ENRI Portable Intercom with ICOM A22, A3, A4, A24 and A6 Cable and PTT Jack

ITC-401TC, ENRI Two Place with Front Panel Adjustable Noise Reduction Control.

All versions of the ITC-401TC,  $179.95

  • ITC-401TC with Standard 1/4" Plugs and Cable                        
  • ITC-401TC-1,  for the ICOM A-22, A-3, A-24 and A-6 Radio       
  • ITC-401TC-23, Cable and Plug for the ICOM A23 and A-5         

ITC401SJ Single Jack with Standard Aircraft Plugs.

ITC401SJ-I Single Jack Intercom with cable and Plugs for the ICOM A22, A3, A4, A24 and A6.

All versions of the ITC401SJ, $195.95


To order online, select model below.

ITC-401 Series

PPC-1,  DC power cord with cigarette lighter plug, $15.95  

Speeder Intercom

ITC-2001 & ITC-2004 Portable Enhanced Noise Reduction Intercoms. Available with Cell Phone Interface.

  •   ITC-2001-ENRI Two Place                                            $249.95          
  •   ITC-2001- I, Two Place for ICOM A22,24 & A6                 $249.95        
  •   ITC-2004-ENRI Four Place                                            $279.95
  •   ITC-2004-I,  Four Place for ICOM A22, 24 & A6             $279.95         

Panel Mount Intercoms

ITC-402P-ENRI Two Place Panel Mount Intercom  

  • With headphone jacks.            $219.95                                        
  •  2 1/4" Round Adaptor Plate      $14.95                                         


ITC-404SP-ENRI Four Place Stereo Panel Mount Intercom

  • With headphone jacks.              $279.95                                      
  •   2 1/4" Round Adaptor Plate       $14.95 


ITC-2003-ENRI "Remote" Panel Mount Intercom

  • ITC-2003-ENRI Four place, includes  headphone jacks.   $389.95    

Panel Mount Intercom Cable Assemblies

Pre Assembles Cables for the ITC-402P, ITC-404SP and ITC-2003 Panel Mount Intercoms

  • 402P Two Place                     $139.95                              
  • 404SP Two Place                   $139.95                           
  • 404SP Four Place                   $148.95                              
  • 2003-2 Two Place                  $139.95                           
  • 2003-4 Four Place                  $148.95                           
  • 2003-6 Six Place                     $159.95                            
  • HC-1 Terminal Crimp tool      $48.95                             

The pre-wired harness are made of MIL Spec. MIL 27500 wire and MIL 27500 shielded cable.  The two and four place Pilot and Copilot headphone leads are four feet long.  The four place cable passenger leads are ten feet long.   The cable ends are marked with labels but not connected to the headphone jacks.

If custom cables are required, contact FlightTech Intercoms.

Cable Assemblies

Intercom Gear Warning Device II

  • IGWD II             $225.95                    

Light Dimmer Control

  •  LDC-          $89.95                      

Contact Information

For additional information, ordering or the location of your nearest FlightTech dealer, call, FAX or

E-mail or call us at the following.

Telephone: 630-971-9692,       FAX: 866-896-4431
Mailing Address:   DesignTech Systems, PO Box 828, Downers Grove, IL 60515
Electronic mail:   General Information: info@flighttech.com

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