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LDC-2 Instrument Panel Light Controller

The LDC-2 Light Dimmer Assembly rated at 2 amps max, is designed to replace the rheostat commonly used in many aircraft lighting systems. Designed around a voltage control circuit, the LDC-2 offers several advantages over simple power transistor control light dimmer units, that include short circuit overload protection and thermal shut down.

Installation is simple, remove the old rheostat and insert the LDC-2 in place of the rheostat, connect a ground wire, plus wire, lights and connect the new control potentiometer.  The control potentiometer is a low current device with an ON-OFF switch for powering down the LDC-2.  The power-down features eliminates the need for a high current switch to turn the panel lights on and off.

The new Light Dimmer Assembly is easy to install, runs cooler then rheostats, operating voltage 10-26 volts and is warranted for three years. 


  •  Small size, 2" x 1.8" x 2.5"

  •  Up to 2 Amp of Current

  •  10 to 26 Volts DC Operation

  •  ON-OFF Switching from Control Pot,  this is a low current control, no switching load current for lights.

  •  Current Limiting and Thermal Protection.

  •  Includes light control, mounting hardware, wire, connector housing and crimp terminals.

  •  Three year warranty.

Installation instructions in PDF format.



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